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S.O.S Tibet, India, Nepal

In the year 2005 the DOtt.Gendun created an association for the Tibetan people with his wife Eugenia Cucco. The Association’s projects tend to safeguard Tibetan culture, projects are created to teach the Tibetan language in schools and with a distance learning project where Tibetan children can study in Tibet who would not have the opportunity to receive any type of education.


In Tibet, there are still many women who die in childbirth. The infant mortality rate is very high, accidents due to landslides and floods are many. In the village of Garan, we now support an entire community, where Lama Gendunis building a hospital in an objective way to their needs.

Inside the hospital we would like to create a Tibetan medical school to give many Tibetan children the opportunity to undertake training and become doctors, to then be able to go and serve in the most remote areas of Tibet where doctors are far and fewer.

We have already built three-stories of the hospital building and the entire external part of the structure. just two kilometers from the village. We have now stopped work due to the winter frost and will resume in the spring to finish the interior work. There will be many clinics for specialist appointments and a section dedicated to traditional Tibetan medicine, where some young people will be able to study Tibetan medicine.

Many doctors in Italy have already volunteered to come and serve in Tibet during the summer; as soon as the hospital is ready we will start volunteer camps for doctors and nurses. The budget for the construction of the hospital is about 400,000 euros, we have collected and spent almost 150,000, and we know that thanks to the help of many people we will be able to realize this great dream! With a small contribution you can help us finish building the hospital. Contribute with a small donation and you will be one of us!

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