Medicina Tibetana Assisi


Tibetan astrology

In Tibet, astrology can be divided into two categories: Jyunzus and Garzis. The first is based on the combination of the elements and originates from Tibet although it has Chinese influences, the second is based on the position of the stars and planets and has its origins in Indian Buddhism.

Jyunzus astrology has its origins in the Bon-po culture, which was a shamanic culture and was based on many sacrifices, sometimes even cruel; Its origins can be traced back to a Tibetan master named ShenrabNiwo who came from Western Tibet, then when the King of Tibet married a Chinese princess, astrology introduced new elements within him. If a person wants to know his own elements he has to resort to Jyunzus astrology, while to build the Tibetan calendar we have to resort to Garzis astrology. Based on the combination of the elements of the person and those of the moment to which the person refers, calculations and astrological predictions can be made, 5 elements are considered: wood, fire, earth, iron and water, each element corresponds to a number and a function. Wood is associated with growth, and connected to veins, fire eliminates old mental attitudes associated with heat, earth is associated with stability and flesh, iron with hardness and bones and water tends to wet what it is arid and dry, associated with the heart and blood.For the Tibetan people, astrology is a discipline of primary importance, always associated with medicine, in fact every doctor must also be an astrologer, it is used in daily life to prevent, to guide and eventually find solutions to problems, to repair conflicts and to organize projects for the future. Everyone turns to the astrologer when they have to open a new business, when they decide to get married or have children, to ask when is the best time to do so so that they can reap all the benefits.



-Explanation of the Log-Men (Prediction of the obstacles of the individual according to the year of birth) and how to calculate the Log-Men.

-How to calculate the Me-Wa (How to know the unconscious potential of the person and how to use it).

-How to use the Parka whether the result is positive or negative.

-Understand how Mewa can be used for the individual to benefit from it during their life journey.

-How to calculate the 12 Tar-Gul (Growth or decrease in energy, how to recognize and manage them).

-How to recognize and learn to avoid obstacles in daily life.

-How to use astrology to predict a future marriage.

-How to use the person’s astrological chart in case of illness.

-How to know the Dun Sur, positions of the astrological signs and in the course of the year, if they are favourable or opposite to ours.

-Previsions of a child’s life by date and time of birth.

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